Cheapest Windows VPS


There are a lot of VPS (Virtual Private Server) providers these days.  We provide the best of service and lowest price Windows based VPS you can find online.

What’s the difference between Windows VPS providers? 
Welcome to the world of technology: With so many providers available, how do you select the best one with the lowest price.  I’ve tested many providers from the biggest like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure to some low end providers, for Windows based virtual private servers, i found the best services are offered by ShapeHost.
When I picked a Windows VPS provider, I looked for the following criteria.
1. Service availability, by this I mean where do they offer VPS.  The provider should have presence across the global especially major regions like North America and Europe.
2. Services reliability, what’s the up time and SLA of their service.
3. Support, how responsive and helpful are their support team.
4. Choice and Price, what price options do I have and specifications for the VPS can I choose
ShapeHost met all the criteria with flying colors.  I would highly recommend their Windows VPS.

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